Asya manga.jpg

Anastasia Rubashvili
 Nickname Asya
 Race Human
 Gender Female.png Female
 Age 15
Personal Information
 Status Active
Professional Information
 Occupation Magi
 Partner Rushalka
 Affiliation SAURU
Kogetsu Private Academy
 Light Novel Volume 01

Anastasia Rubashvili (アーシャ Āsha) is one of main heroine in the series Meiyako no Leviathan. She is one of Europe's leading Magi in terms of ability and skill.


Asya is a petite young girl in her teens with a slender body that looks fragile enough to break with a single hug. She has long blue-tinted silver hair tied with ribbons as well as deep ice-blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing white shirt, skirt and two bracelets on her hands she also wears a cape.


Asya is happy-go-lucky girl who cares a lot about Haruomi. She possesses a ravenous appetite despite her petite appearance. She is also a little bit of a Tsundere as she is seen getting jealous of Hal's relationship with both Orihime and Hazumi.



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